The magic of iamamiwhoami


If there is one track that would accompany us on our journey through to the afterlife it would be the latest song from iamamiwhoami titled ‘Fountain’.

The Swedish duo have been making waves for the last few years across the electronic music scene and have generated a following for dabbling in all aspects of the dream/synth pop and trip hop movements. The new track is a dark yet uplifting harmony with a strong synth and lush reverb to accompany. We particularly love the attention to detail, like the hint of a Celtic chorus towards the end of the track.

It’s not just iamamiwhoami’s musical talent that has us fawning for more. In a series of short and full length songs, the band have a YouTube channel packed with amazing tracks and videos that show the incredible artistic talent that is integral to their music. Coming together in a magical, if not often intimidating story iamamiwhoami take us on a journey well and truly past the rabbit hole and into a realm of unbridled creepiness and witchcraft.

Set amongst Scandinavian backdrops, the story envelopes us and pulls us into the raw emotion of it all; empathy, joy and ultimately acceptance. The latest track ‘Fountain’ is pure magic as we follow protagonist, singer Jonna Lee, on a journey that is not too dissimilar to Galadriel’s departure in Lord of the Rings. Lee’s movement throughout the film is a lovely interpretation and creates strength in what is a dark sub-plot.

Check out the video below and set aside some time to watch the previous chapters.

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