LCM: Nasir Mazhar AW15


Since his SS09 debut, Nasir Mazhar has continued to outdo himself; he’s collaborated with a swathe of international artists, designed for the London Olympics and Victoria Secret, and now everyone wants a seat at his shows and to be adorned in his latest threads. Here’s a designer who is setting the bar every year and when everyone catches up, he changes the game.

Mazhar found a way to interpret and represent British fashion as it should be and every year his collections boast an homage to the core elements of fashion that make up the grime, dancehall and garage music scenes. Mazhar’s unique branding caught the attention of his fans around the world and likewise, the appropriation began. It’s been fascinating to watch the big design houses take note of the mass approval for ‘sportswear’ and try and make it their own, but it feels like they are trailing behind. That’s not to credit Mazhar completely with this persuasion, but he, alongside a swathe of young, independent designers, have certainly been big influencers.

This year’s LCM was no different for Mazhar in this respect. His AW15 catwalk showcased a brand new collection that sees him evolving while retaining the core essence of his work. His signature branding has become demure, he’s ditched the labelling and taken elements of his logo to stamp on his pieces. There is something so distinctly Nasir about the new collection but he’s now created a uniform; quality garments that tell a story but that are far removed from what was previously labelled as sportswear.




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