Hannah Diamond takes bubblegum pop to a whole new level

Hannah Diamond Attachment

Have you ever played a video game on a lazy Sunday afternoon and found yourself humming the theme music on your way to work the next morning? This is how we feel about the UK’s latest internet sensation Hannah Diamond.

The electronic pop artist has released a sparkling new track Attachment and we’ve found ourselves humming the incredibly catchy chorus since first listen. It’s new synth-wave with an undeniable J-pop aesthetic. Her last track Pink and Blue was a new-age electronic production, not too dissimilar to the Norwegian artist Annie. Now, Hannah Diamond has produced the epitome of bubblegum pop with the addition of beautiful synths and sound effects that we can’t get enough of. It’s the sort of music that should accompany Japanese video games. If you’ve ever played My Beautiful Katamari you’ll know what we’re talking about. Go, Hannah Diamond, save the cosmos.

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