Future PATH


High-end streetwear/sportswear/loungewear whatever you want to call it. Have we reached the nadir? Neoprene and colour prints are everywhere at the moment, the racks are saturated and bulging with long sleeves and brutish cuts and with it comes the copycats, the lesser versions, like failed experiments and bootlegs. Pointless numbering and symbols designed only to evoke the look of something much more special, intricate or honest.

Those succeeding in the streetwear world are stepping out of the current fashion environment and taking materials to a futuristic place, another time or another world; the doomed post-apocalyptic wasteland chic of HBA, the cyber-goth electro freaks of Nasir Mazhar. They are successful with their designs because there is a concept and originality. The look forward, not sideways, and their references to popular, past or current culture and technology is vivid and brave.

Beijing based label PATH are treading this ground with their new collection and have even dubbed it the “FUTURISTIC/NOW-ISTIC” collection for Autumn/Winter 2014. Crew neck sweats, 3/4 shorts and jackets are all present and correct along with a trench coat straight out of a Matrix remake.

The print collages adorning many of the pieces ebb and flow like a cathode ray television being abused by a magnet, and contain an Asian character motif branding each item and the wearer with a uniform of the futurist far east.

Soon to be made available on VFILES.






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