Dreams and screams with Di$count Univer$e


New York Fashion Week has kicked off in a sea of sequins with Australia’s own Di$count Univer$e owning the runway at the VFiles Made Fashion show.

We’ve been huge fans of the duo for a few years now, and along with the rest of the contingent, are super excited to see classics like their biker jackets and jeans hitting the runway and hopefully, their online shop soon. Collaborating with artist JL CoffinWasher, the DU babes have hand cut and sewn each sequin and patch to bring us their Dreams and Screams collection.

There has been a huge influx of branding and appropriation in fashion of late, and while much of it is on trend and lives up to the hype, it’s incredibly fleeting. This is where Di$count differs: they do slogans well and they’ve remained true to how they view fashion and where they’ve come from. It’s bold clothing and it’s adorned the likes of Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea.

Below are a few of our favs from the show, majorly all over that red suspender dress. Check out their Insta for more.






_A2X1153Photography: style.com


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